We leave Marburg, Germany on Thursday, 3 May 2012. This is after 2 weeks of bits and pieces on bikes, visas and vaccines (see Harry’s post “Our friends in Germany”).

And YES. The Road is a Drug. 

We are on it … 

We sit, ‘weight’lessly, between home and away. We pause, ‘care’lessly, in places ‘just passing through’. We dangle, ‘fear’lessly, between the known and the unknown. We fuss ‘time’lessly about the clear and the un-clear. We are simply No-where, neither Here nor There!

 It is the sweetest spot.   

What a high …  The world spins. The road rushes. We follow, day by day and kilometer by kilometer. A whole continent of kilometers! A whole 5 months of day by days! Three t-shirts in the bag and still only one favourite one!

 We feel lucky. 

But there is a dark side to this addiction …  We dump boxes of files in other people’s offices. We build piles of ‘to do lists’ on other people’s desks. We fill other people’s lives with requests to walk the dog, to water the plants and to feed the birds. We are, again, not there for our loved ones. We don’t contribute to our community. We eat away at our pensions. We prolong, again our sense of detachment. We delay, again our inevitable re-entry into the everyday life.

 We feel selfish and silly.

 We are in debt to a whole bunch of colleagues, friends and family that support our habit.  

… EdieSiyaGailJanJennyThandoMatthew ….

Today we flit away on the wings YOU give us. Thank YOU.