Harry & I (Linda) ‘get together’ in 1994. We, at once, share a love for new things, strange things and simple things. And we start to dream and live in bite-size pieces.

But, trips, on motorbikes, across Africa and Asia and beyond, we don’t even whisper about! And then, in 2010, everything around us conspires and ‘drops’ us onto our bikes. There. Go.

Our home is in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We have 106 years between us and Harry carries 54 of those. Harry makes a living distributing dual-purpose motorbike accessories and I consult on town planning and developmental issues.

‘Piki-Piki’ is the Swahili word for ‘motorcycle’. In many countries we see small motorbikes ‘piki-piki-piki-piki’ up over the hill and beyond. And we love to follow them.

Here we hope to document our adventure for our friends, our family and ourselves.

It’s simple. Our experience gains an unimaginable richness in its writing and showing, and your attention wraps us in a warm cheerfulness.  Thank you.