We finally arrive in Germany full of anticipation of leaving in a few days time. Our friends in Germany however have other ideas and manage to trap us for a few days more.

It was not very difficult though. Wherever we go in Germany we are met with unbridled friendliness and the want to help. And help they did!

By the time we arrived 90% of the prep work to our bikes was already done. Shock bearings overhauled, fork seals replaced, new water pump gears, new wheel bearings, full services, custom bash plates, cam mounts  and chain guards as well a complete new paint job ensured that our bikes looked anything but kaput. We feel even better prepared than the last trip.

Our sincere thanks to all the folk at SW-Motech/Bags Connection for all their invaluable assistance and kindness. Jurgen, Uwe, Achim, Adam , Jorge , Kai  and all the other folk at SWBC for their help  making our task that much simpler. Without this help we would probably still be working on our bikes.

Our thanks too to the folk at Heidenau for the new K60 tyres


Final prepping of our bikes at SW-Motech

The new Versys 1000 and Triumph Explorer

The 1st of many parties. No taxi in Frankenburg at 1.45am. Constantine makes a plan though.

At Rafael’s Trattoria. All’s well at this point

He always brings out this….

Things start to go south


I become wayward


Linda and Tanya remain controlled however


All’s well , as always!

The next day it starts all over again, This time at Jurgens house

Were quite happy to watch Jurgen doing all the work


Jurgen has sand from deserts across the globe collected from various rides there


The next day back to work on the bikes

Final work at Achims home garage. Achim has a passion for “old timers” and restores them. When I grow up I want a home workshop like this….


Time for one more party though just before we leave. Rafael and that bloody water cannon


And its the pedestrians turn to get doused


Me losing my bearings, again

Finally all is ready! Michael and Linda outside Achim’s home on the day of our departure


Our departure odo reading. Hopefully many trouble free miles will be added

A final cup of coffee with more friends at SWBC before heading off to Angela in Munich

At last, on the road with livers almost intact