! Middle Earth !



! Middle Earth !

How did we miss it! Our first trip skirts around it. Our second goes under then over it. And our third slips away.

How curious? We are. How curious! Middle Earth is.

Turns out. Everything clatters here, in the Middle.

First – Vikings, Saxons, Slavs, Romans, Arabs, Turks and Persians.

Then the empires – Greek, Hapsburg, Ottoman and Russian.

Now the super-powers – Europe, Russia, the US and Arab world.

Strong-arm here, right in the Middle.

! Middle Earth !

And it hurtles in circles around a CALDRON of a BLACK SEA!

“Double, double, toil and trouble;

Fire burn and Caldron bubble.”

Spits and spills and flips and flops …. Here, we read, lie the most curious creations.

“Romania is a Slavic country but speaks a Latin language.

And imagine, its dictator stomps from Hitler to Stalin!

Transylvania gives birth to the blood-thirsty Count of Dracula.

And in Georgia South Africans slowly trickle in to farm.

Armenia is the world’s first to officially adopt Christianity.

And Iran is the place to go to for nose jobs and sex changes.

Turkey, in the east, is more Kurdish than Turkish.

And Ukraine’s Odessa dishes up scandal in novel proportions.

 Transdniestr declares a tiny republic nobody recognises.

And the Crimea peninsula now belongs to Russia.

 Moldova is not the world’s least happy country anymore.

But Belarus, some say, is still Europe’s last dictatorship.


Revolutions spring in velvet, rose, orange, green, grape and blue jeans.

And everybody trades in the CALDRON of a BLACK SEA.”

! Middle Earth !

We have a window of 3 months. And we hope to take it all in!

How curious? We are. How curious! Middle Earth is.

Middle Earth, of course, doesn’t exist, officially. But hear any hobbit worth his salt, disagree fervently.

Is that you, Harry?


25 Responses to ! Middle Earth !

  1. Attie

    Hallo Harold and Linda

    Hope all is going well……

  2. Karin & Worm's

    On the road again……….. Send comments and photos, would like to know what it’s like over there, enjoy.

  3. Anonymous

    Hallo Linda and Harry
    A couple of weeks have passed and we are looking forward to seeing all the pictures…..
    Be safe and enjoy

  4. Anonymous

    Hello Harry and Linda. Safe travels. Looking forward to your ride reports.

    Les Penny

  5. Anonymous

    Earth to Middle Earth! Where are you? I await in eager anticipation, DAILY, to hear about your adventures….

  6. Anonymous

    Excited to follow you on your wonderful adventure of Middle Earth. When you Meet Buddha he will bless the trip with a safe passage. All the best and take it easy

  7. Anonymous

    oh wow how AWSUM IS THAT !!! what an abs pleasure to do this with you look forward to hearing from you
    safe travels

  8. Naude.K

    …and by the way, the real middle earth and hobbits are in NZ, 🙂 …Good reason to explore one day. Hope to discus in PE end of the year. Safe travels.

    • Harry

      Middle earth is where you want it to be!

      For Tolkien in was Hogsback in the Eastern Cape, for Hollywood it was NZ, for us it is where our bikes will lead us.

      See you in Tolkiens homeland in December!

  9. Anonymous

    Cant wait for the daily posts on your way.

  10. naude@kotzefamily.com

    Enjoy our next adventure … pity you will skip Jordan/ Petra and all those beautiful places. Travel safe

  11. Paul S

    Not all those who wander are lost ! Fair winds, see you back in SA …

  12. Wendy

    Dear Linnie and Harry
    Safe travels. That you travel and are super adventurous is great and admirable- its sometimes the destinations that make the two of you super heroes!!!!!!!!

    Remember to keep count of the occasions and places that would not score with Wintie (wink wink!!!!!!!)
    Have fun. Live and travel well- just always be careful.


  13. Amelia

    Thanks for being adventurous and discover an unknown part of the world on our behalf! Very excited with you! Enjoy!! Lots of love!

  14. Mr. T

    Looking forward to your trip with pics and all

  15. Anonymous

    Great to hear that you are on the road again – travel safe & enjoy

  16. Anonymous

    Great to hear that you are on the road again — Travel safe & enjoy — Jack

  17. Paul and Philna

    We are going to be inspired to be a bit more adventures. Safe travels.

  18. Anonymous

    The anticipation is great. Enjoy and travel safely.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Linda & Harry,

    Let the fun begin!!! I for one am so looking forward to hearing and seeing from you guys on this almighty, curious trip.
    Safe travels.

  20. Sheryll

    Getting butterflies in my stomach as I anticipate an amazing journey through the Middle Earth ?? God speed both of you

  21. Anonymous

    Looking forward to this

  22. DB

    My souI cannot wait to follow your tracks.

  23. Anonymous

    Lovely!! Sounds like absolute bliss. Super curious indeed!! Safe travels.!

  24. Gail van der Mey

    Curious indeed. I certainly am. And for each and every spot described go well!

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