It has been 6 years since we last rode our Dakar’s and we wondered how the bikes would be after such a long period of inactivity, not helped by our friends in Germany reminding us that they are kaput.

One could argue that these are inanimate objects but for us they very much alive. Cherish them with decent oil, fuel and maintenance and they will respond in equal measures.

Disregard them and they will let you down in revenge.

Named after two 1920’s temptresses, Josephine (Baker) and Isadora (Duncan) each has its own distinct personality.

Mine, like myself, is sluggish at getting going in the morning. Linda’s is the complete opposite.

How would they now react to being outcast, after serving us so well through Africa and the Silk road?

And how would they feel being brought out of retirement and expected to perform again, as if it was only yesterday?

Despite their reservations, our friends at SW Motech and Heidenau spring to the rescue. Many thanks to Jurgen, Andreas, Richard and Thomas for servicing the bikes and fitting new tyres.

And for transporting the bikes to the SW Motech facility in Czech to avoid crossing the Alps in freezing conditions.

It would appear the stars have aligned as we have never had it this easy…

But we still need to curry favour with I&J.

A small tribute to them for taking us this far






Egypt- far too hot to sleep in our tent

Pyanj-Valley-Tajikistan left side , Afghanistan Rt. The arrow is Linda.

Wakhan Corridor

Countless river-crossings

Nemsis thick sand

Forced off the road by truckers far too often

Which route to choose on the Kazakhstan steps?

Thankfully there is always a compass

And emptiness- there”s Linda again

No mans land between Krygrystan and Kazakhstan

Krygrystan border-post


Traffic jams Soviet style

Many friends

Where is South Africa?

Friendly military

Sticking our fingers into China

I & J’ s revenge starts in Tajikistan

and continues to Uzbekistan

Packing the bikes in Mongolia

Re-united at last in Czech 6 years later

Richard, the Czech SW motech MD & the Czech SW Motech distributor opened up the factory for us over Easter

Final prepping

I & J’s revenge 100km down the road in Slovenia – 1st a flat battery from freezing overnight temps & then a puncture

7C at 2pm. Happy days are here again

Not Africa- before we know it an emergency van arrives from nowhere

& leaves this huge flashing billboard highlighting our plight- its impossible to remain inconspicuous

The cause of our misery- a piece of stowaway tyre changing machine , left inside the tyre , shreds the tube- Sh*t happens

Life is good again with I & J