The Georgian capital of Tbilisi spreads itself along the banks of the Mtkvari River and is hemmed in on all sides by dramatic hills and distant mountains. From a design perspective it is defensively brilliant and remarkably attractive. The cities left bank is mainly built on a sheer cliff that overlooks the old town, peppered with ancient churches, the Narikala fortress (dating from the 4th centaury), hidden squares and sulphur baths.

Relaxed with a distinctive European feel, its hard to imagine that along the tree lined boulevards and embankments that civil strive, war, revolution and gang violence have all been recent realties here. Thankfully all of this is destined to the past and hopefully Tbilisi’s friendly and ever helpful residents can look to the future with confidence.

The city brims with fantastic architecture, mostly run down but nevertheless still charming. Renovations continue down every alley.

It is a pity we could not stay longer in Georgia given our schedule however we hope to return one day, and soon!

En-route to Tbilisi.


Just about anything can be purchased on the streets.



Some of the quirky architecture.


Tree lined boulevards.



Ripe for renovation





This must have belonged to a high ranking Soviet party official in its heyday.


Renovations are underway.


Even where we stayed.


Ancient churches are everywhere and seem to have survived the Soviet occupation.