Most of Uzbekistan seems to be working the fields. Water is led from the Amu Darya river in big and small channels to grow crops.


These are the only lucky donkeys we see in Uzbekistan!

Motorbikes also work the fields.



We see endless cotton fields …. the main cause for the drying-up of the Aral Sea.

Can you spot the guy fast asleep on the seat of his bike!

And this guy … on the dashboard of a bus!

Petrol is sold along the road in all shapes and sizes and OCTANES.

We are sitting under a tree eating a watermelon we just bought from this guy. He is conducting business on his cellphone.

Roads between Uzbek cities are not good. This is a wobbly bridge across the Amu Darya river.

We see plenty of old timers on the road.

This is how local folk sleep. It is wonderfully cool at night and safe from mosquitos.

It took us a while to figure this shower out!

A wallet just doesn’t work anymore – this equals 50 USD.

Bikes are such a drawcard. People come up to us all the time!

This lady absolutely insists on selling her bucket of apples at sky-high tourist prices. And I love apples!

These low level tables throughout Central Asia are the answer! Drink & Eat & Drop off!

Harry gets caught by a Japanese film crew trying on a Uzbek winter hat!

Trying a variety of meat pies. To be honest; a little too gritty and fatty for our liking.

Harry ‘survives’ & I ‘relish’ our hamman experience in Bukhara (see next pic).

Two fellow bikers from Bulgaria we befriend in Bukhara.

And two travellers from Saudi Arabia we meet at our guesthouse in Bukhara. Their next trip is on a motorbike for sure!

From the roof terrace of our guesthouse in Samarkant – lots of dodgy electrical connections.

Our bikes in the courtyard again …. with carpeted walls.

A dear soul who keeps us company as we fix a broken spotlight on the roadside.

A piping hot and very good stew follows tea!

And her lovely aunt.

We hope they manage to visit us in SA so that we can show them elephants!

And this post comes to you from an internet cafe with a very rowdy group of boys playing video games!