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Harry & I (Linda) ‘get together’ in 1994. We, at once, share a love for new things, strange things and simple things. And we start to dream and live in bite-size pieces.

But, trips, on motorbikes, across Africa and Asia, we don’t even whisper about! And then, in 2010, everything around us conspires and ‘drops’ us onto our bikes. There. Go.

Pinch me, Harry, am I dreaming? Ouch!

Our home is in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We have 103 years between us and Harry carries 53 of those. Harry makes a living distributing dual-purpose motorbike accessories and I consult on town planning and developmental issues.

‘Piki-Piki’ is the Swahili word for ‘motorcycle’. In many African countries we see small motorbikes ‘piki-piki-piki-piki’ up over the hill and beyond. And we love to follow them.

Short trips let us ‘piki-piki’ through parts of South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, North-West America and Europe. A 6-month trip sees us ‘pIkI-pIkI’ the length of Africa. Then a 5 month trip takes us ‘PiKi-PiKi’ across the width of Asia. And now ….. we hope to ‘PIKI-PIKI’ higgledy-piggledy in South and South-East Asia!

Here we hope to document our adventure for our friends, our family and ourselves.

It’s simple. Our experience gains an unimaginable richness in its writing and showing, and your attention wraps us in a warm cheerfulness.  Thank you.


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  1. Jason

    Hi guys,

    I’m a South African currently in Bangkok and your bikes are parked at my girlfriends condo (Pixel)!!! Could we meet and take you two out for drinks or something? I dream of doing a bike journey like you’ve done one day!



  2. Simon

    Hello Linda&Harry,
    Am verry glad you finished your famous trip and you are back home savely! 🙂

    Once again would like to Thak you both so much for your help to repair Boiko’s bike in Bukhara! I’m so happy I met you guys and I’ve been at a small part of your trip!

    Simon&Boiko from Bulgaria 🙂

  3. diego girardi

    cosa dire , o avuto la fortuna e il piacere di viaggiare con loro persone squisite , ma non solo altruiste
    personalmente posso ringraziare Harry per aver riparato per ben due volte la mia moto in kazakhstan
    e aver riprendere il viaggio , non nego che nel momento che le nostre strade si sono divise
    o lasciato con loro una parte di me
    grazie Linda Grazie Harry non vi dimentichero mai .
    vi aspetto presto sul lago di garda per nuove avventure
    siete dei grandi , diego con affetto

    Google translate:

    what to say, I had the good fortune and pleasure to travel with these exquisite people, but not only altruistic.
    I can personally thank Harry for having repaired twice my bike in Kazakhstan
    and you continue your journey, do not deny that at the time that our paths are divided or left with them a part of me
    thanks Linda Thanks Harry, there I never forget.
    I wait for you soon on Lake Garda for new adventures
    you are great, Diego with affection

  4. konstantin

    Новая ссылка http://shans-online.com/news/2012-08-16/iz_yuar___v_hakasiyu_i_po_vsemu_miru/

  5. konstantin

    Arriving to Abakan (Russia, Khakassia), Harry and Linda. Photos. Video.

  6. Hervé

    we are together in Park Hotel in Göreme, so we arrive in Iran in 15 june and we stay 6 weeks. After we go to Turkmen, Ouzbek, Tadjik, Kyrghiz and China.
    Were are you in this time.
    On my website, you can see where you are.
    See you an other time.

    • Linda

      Herve! Harry & I are back home in SA. We managed all the Stans, Siberia and ended in Mongolia. We have misplaced your website address & are so curious to know where and how you are doing. Please let us know how best to contact you. Take care, Linda & Harry

  7. Schalk Potgieter

    Hi guys, Selma says cyber connection not that good. Trust you are fine and travelling safely

  8. rené

    Am I jalous, thats an understatement. Enjoy the ride I will be closely following.

  9. SJ

    Hi Harold!
    It must be a great journey. And I wish you the safe and wonderful trip through the long way to the east!

  10. paulandphilna

    Hi, cant find any postings, am I going mad as usual or are you too busy?? Lots of love and good luck, P and P

  11. Blossom

    I’m sure you are having a good time, enjoy it like it’s your last.

  12. thomtom

    hooked, looking forward to follow you on this trip, pack warm!

  13. Mongoose

    Awaiting in eager anticipation to hear delicious tales of your travels! Good luck to you both! Mx

  14. HeuningBal

    Waar is julle?

    Have a safe trip — Hope to hear from u guys soon!

  15. johnsonluo

    Piki-piki,sounds fun! Hope that you can riding over China someday.

  16. Stellniclucmatt

    Bon voyage you intrepid travellers from your fandamilly in Chalfont St Giles UK we’ll be thinking of you every step of the way. We have a world map on our kitchen wall and are going to plot your progress by putting pins on the map as you go. Stay safe love from the Ziegels

  17. Debbie

    Good Luck to you both on your trip on your faithful pikipik’s

  18. romeo

    Good luck guys

  19. Jan and Gail

    So Asia trip has started as we said goodbye at PE airport. We will be with you all the way in thoughts and prayers. keep safe and find joy in your travelling together

  20. Gordon

    Best wishes for a great journey and love as aye

  21. colin

    enjoy the trip with pikipikipi’s you have a lot of guts to take on such a big challenge nice way to see the world

  22. Jenny

    Всего наилучшего!

    Till we meet again. jenny

  23. Naude

    Good luck (again) and enjoy! Nod’s

  24. Jack

    Have fun & be safe

  25. Anonymous

    Good luck to both of you. J.

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